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Contract & Purchase Order


This program provides the ability to utilize an existing Purchase Order (PO) or Contract for financing Direct Labor Inventory, Raw Materials, Work-in-Process, Finished Goods, Direct Overhead, Buyouts Components Parts and Sub Assemblies.

PO’s can include companies outside of the US.  Minimum transaction size is typically $25,000 and in some cases $300k up to $20m+. We are focusing on the strength of the transaction not solely on client’s balance sheet.

The focus is not necessarily the balance sheet of the client company, but rather the underlying transaction and its economic and commercial viability. With Purchase Order Financing, clients are no longer hindered by the lack of working capital to get deals done.

To apply we’ll require:


  • Completed & Signed Business App
  • Aging Report of Payables & Receivables – must be verifiable
  • Copy of Contracts/Purchase Orders – with contact info – must be verifiable


  • Solve cash flow problems.
  • Fund 100% of the cost of inventory.
  • Provide an alternative to cover advances.
  • Provide transactional financing on PO’s or Contracts from $100k/$300,000 – $20,000,000 and greater.


Throughout network we’re able to provide financing to Government contractors in need of capital to fulfill or complete government contracts. Whether it is mobilization funding or funding to bridge the acquisition or manufacture of equipment or goods – we have a solution to allow government contractors to fill large contracts.

Underwriters have expertise in understanding the unique requirements of dealing with governmental agencies and can offer our years of incite and experience to enhance your contracting relationships.

We can assist with financing both domestic and international contract deliveries.


We focus on your transaction and its financial viability. Unlike traditional finance sources, our unique entrepreneurial approach is not solely concerned with the balance sheet and income statement but the economics of the opportunity at hand.


Able to assist companies with proven expertise in their field, even if they are a start-up.


Able to assist in funding transactions with suppliers/subcontractors and manufacturers that have a proven track record.


Financing is provided based upon firm valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy companies or governmental entities. Will not support consignment transactions.  


We are able to bridge the capital needs to acquire or manufacture inventory to fulfill purchase orders and contracts. We understand the firm payment terms and upon delivery or completion we are typically taken out or repaid by a bank, factor, asset based lender, letter of credit or direct repayment by the ultimate end customer.