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Conventional Financing

Commercial Loans

We understand how difficult it can be to secure a Commercial Real Estate Loan.  The process can be confusing, time consuming and complex.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

We have a track record for giving its customers fair and competitive rates, without sacrificing service. 

Since every deal varies, we cannot directly quote a rate until the application and package is fully completed and submitted. 

To Apply we’ll Require a Completed & Signed Application along with Identification such as Drivers License and Passport.  Upon receipt we typically process in 5 – 72 hours.

We can handle many different types of commercial properties, here are just a few: 

Apartments, Shopping Centers, Truck Stops, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Automobile Dealerships, Day Care Centers, C-Stores, Owner Occupied Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Hotels/Motels, Car Wash, Gas Stations, Industrial Parks, Malls, Medical Buildings, Mixed Use Properties, Retail Shopping Centers, Storage buildings, Strip Centers, Industries Buildings, etc. 

Acquisition    An acquisition loan is used to acquire property using the loan proceeds.

Acquisition & Development     Loans to both acquire and develop real property to an improved state.  Voucher control is normally set up to disperse loan proceeds with interest only paid on funds distributed.  Loan to value is determined by the estimated improved value.

Asset Based    Loans for any purpose whereby collateral is put up for security.

Debt Consolidation     A debt consolidation loan can offer a lower monthly payment by consolidating outstanding debts into one single loan. If the average interest rate on various accounts is high, a debt consolidation loan at a low interest rate can save money. Even without a change in interest rates a simple single monthly payment may be reason enough to consider this option.

Refinancing     Paying off an existing loan/debt from the proceeds of a new loan using the same collateral as security. Typically, the choice to refinance is made when interest rates or terms are better than the original loan.

SBA & USDA Loans     SBA’s Loan Program helps small businesses obtain needed credit by giving the government’s guaranty on loans made by commercial lenders. Applicants must meet SBA’s definition of a small business and/or USDA guidelines.  Property is to be 51% business owner occuped