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Consolidation Loan


No Daily Payments: Monthly payments (or weekly, client choice…the numbers are the same either way) For Debt Consolidation loan.

Prepayment: One of the most appealing aspects of our funding model is our early payoff for loan. At any point after six months, loan may pay the remaining principle owed and they are out. No fees, No penalties, No Interest.

Funding Size: $100k – $2M

Minimum Annual Revenue: $1MM

Term: Our core funding product is 12 or 18 months. We also have a 24 and 30 month option.

Restricted Industries/Issues:

  • Individual Restaurants
  • (House Flippers (other real estate related enterprises mostly OK)
  • Marijuana related enterprises
  • Some Sole Proprietorships… Will be considered
  • Open Tax Lien: Tax lien on a payment plan, that is OK. But if it is open tax lien we cannot fund.
  • Funding Within Last 30 Days: If funding has been received within the last 30 days, it typically does not make sense for them to fund with us.
  • States: We fund in all fifty states

Minimum Time in Business: Two Years

Minimum Credit: No minimum credit score. We are funding the business, not the individual. That stated, we definitely need to see the credit report. Time Frame for Funding: Average turn-around time from pre-qualification review to funding is three weeks. A lot of this depends how fast additional Due Diligence Documents are sent in.

Three Step Funding Process:

We request the following pre-qualification documents in advance, so we can properly evaluate the opportunity:

  1. Total Amount of Funds
  2. Brief Executive Summary (a few paragraphs are fine) describing the company, principles, and reason for the funding request.
  3. 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 YTD Balance Sheet and P&L (NOT tax returns, but real financials…Audited Financials not required…Quickbooks printout is fine)
  4. Expected Gross Revenue for the remainder of 2017
  5. Six Months of Bank Statements (more is great, if you have them)
  6. Debt schedule Application
  7. Credit Report
  8. Pre-qualification Interview: A 25 minute interview to determine if it makes sense to

Funding Products

Business Expansion Funding:

This funding is for businesses that have growth opportunities and require an injection of capital to assist with that expansion.

Twelve Month Factor: 1.28

Term: 12 or 18 months

Note: 24 and 30 month terms are available, but are priced on a case by case

Payment cycle: Monthly or weekly (client choice)

Amount: $100k – $2MM


MCA Debt Consolidation:

We provide the ability for businesses that are struggling with expensive, daily payments (e.g. MCA debts) to drastically reduce the amount of their payments and cost of capital. When consolidating Merchant cash advances debts for clients, we tend to get client payments down to about one-third of what they are paying now, on average.

Businesses must be solvent and have a demonstrated ability to pay their monthly obligations over the next 12-30 months to qualify. Additional capital beyond the existing debts is available if the financial strength of the client warrants.

We do NOT “STACK”: When paying off cash advance debts and consolidating payments the client, we must pay off all cash advance debts or none of them, ending up in 1st UCC position. For the sake of consolidations, we lump other lenders and must consolidate all of them and shut down funding.

We do NOT allow Stacking on us: Clients are strictly prohibited from obtaining additional loans or investment capital (“stacking”) from 3rd parties during the funding term. If the client has expansion opportunities during the funding term, we will consider providing additional capital as long as client can demonstrate a clear path to repayment. Monthly Factor: 1.31 over twelve months