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Equipment Leasing and Financing

Equipment Financing and Leasing

  • Deal Size $ 5000 to $ 2M
  • Terms 2 year to 5 years with monthly payments
  • Rates range from bank rates up
  • Asset Based Programs
  • Any Credit Score (no score ok)
  • Purchase
  • Sale Leaseback (SLB)
  • Equipment Type – Trucks, Trailers, Construction, Agriculture, Machine Tools, Medical and Dental Equipment and most types of business equipment
  • Tax Liens and judgements ok with ability to lien collateral (no ucc’s)
  • Collateral Ratio Guidelines o Up to 1:1 for standard leases and 2.5:1 for SLB o Purchase Options (FMV) and $ 1 buyout available
  • No upfront fees o Processing fee and first and last month payment may be required at time LOI is approved and accepted

The Smart Choice in Business Financing

Having access to funds at a moments notice can sometimes make the difference between a business’s success or failure. The Line of Credit gives businesses the flexibility to act fast. When opportunity comes knocking or there’s an unexpected expense, our Line of Credit offers 24 hour access to loan drafts.

Businesses can qualify for line of credit amounts up to 725,000 with no collateral required. The initial line can be approved in less than a week with 24 hour turnaround on loan drafts after that. With this type of financing, businesses can have the freedom to draw funds as needed, paying interest only on the money needed