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Invoice Factoring



Fast Funding Hassle Free Invoice Factoring!


What Is Invoice Factoring

 Invoice factoring is a way for businesses to fund cash flow by selling their invoices to a third party (a factor, or factoring company) at a discount. Invoice factoring can be provided by independent finance providers, or by banks.

 How It Works

     The business client enters into an agreement with the factoring company whereby the company will manage their sales ledger and credit control on an ongoing basis for a fixed period (the term of the factoring contract, typically 24 months).

     In return, the factoring company advances some funds upfront when the business client sends an invoice to a customer- typically 70-85%.

 When the end customer comes to pay, the factoring company collects the debt and makes the remaining balance available to the business client, minus their fees.


With Texas TD Funding Solutions, it’s quick and easy to access funds, which means you can get the cash flow you need to get on with business. With us, you get:

           Fast and Easy Business Loan: quick funding decisions and set-up

     Hassle free experience: easy to use digital interface

     Help in real-time: personal customer support

          Straightforward costs: no hidden fees


Open a free account in under two minutes

Applying is free, and takes minutes. The application is completely online and paperless. There are no long-term contracts or termination fees.

Update your customer Account

You are assigned a PO Box, where you can accept checks, and a bank account where you can accept electronic payments, both in your business name.


Get a response within 24 hours for your first advance

Once approved your credit line will be set, and you can use it as needed. Subsequent funding requests can be approved in as fast as an hour.

Fund one or more invoices with a click of a button

You decide which invoices from what customers to submit, and only pay for what you use, so you have complete control over your funding needs.

Receive the funds directly to your bank account

Choose ACH as your payment option for 1-2 day delivery or choose wire for same day availability. Use the funds to run, manage & grow your business!

Documents needed:

    • 3 months of bank statements and / or a bank connection
    • Proof of ownership
    • Invoices to be factored
    • AR aging report
    • P&L (Minimum 3 months)

The key criteria for factoring are:

B2B business with invoices billed in arrears (not purchase orders)
530+ FICO and $20K+ monthly revenue
Not trucking, construction, agriculture, medical, or “sin industries”
“Notable” debtors: payers on the invoices each generate more than $10M in annual revenue.
Facility Size – $20K-$2.5 Million
Lien Position – First or behind a bank/SBA
Time in Business – 3 months